Widely recognised for its specialised expertise in dust control systems integration, Lignar is established in 1982 to enable peak performance in manufacturing by providing customers with end-to-end dust control solutions – from the designing and manufacturing of dust control equipment, to its integration, commissioning, and maintenance. For more than 3 decades, reputable woodworking, fibre cement, mineral wool, and paper companies in South East Asia have chosen Lignar as their primary partner in developing maximum performance turnkey solutions for dust extraction. Amongst them are Enlighten Furniture Decoration Co. from Singapore, Chea-Ee Industries from Malaysia, and Lacquer Craft Mfg. Co. from China. Customers highly regard Lignar for its commitment to ensure zero-downtime. By bearing the symbol of Lignar within your manufacturing process, it is a testimony of Lignar’s reliability, professionalism, and customer-focus. The symbol personifies high productivity of your production facility with a safer working environment. Time and again, customers are assured of Lignar’s high quality performance and stable, reliable, and energy-efficient dust control systems through its proprietary methods in systems design, dust control mechanisms of modular bag filters, bag filters, fans, cyclones, and silo discharge systems. Its knowledgeable and dedicated team also gives customers a peace of mind: that their production processes will always run smoothly. Customers always choose Lignar because of the value it creates for them. Its customers’ profitability is improved by gaining higher energy and cost savings, and optimal manufacturing performance with great consistency through its innovative and well-integrated dust control systems.